Marbo is a very tall and very muscular man. He has a beautiful blond Afro and sparkling chest hair that he grooms daily. No one know what color his eyes are because he wear Badass sunglasses over them all the time. He also wears a handsome blue polo.


Marbo thinks he is coolest guy around. He will do anything to show off his power strength, and good looks. If anyone disagrees with them, he will prove his strength by beating the crap out of them. 


Not much is known about Marbo's past. Some say he lived in a noble house where he got everything he wanted. One day it is said his parents refused to buy him more hair gel so he left to become a pirate. He had to show the world he was the best and deserved everything in the world that he wanted.

Character Stats

Strength 50
Stamina 50
Agility 20
Perception 20

Weapon: The  badass sword of Awesomeness

Buster sword by Wen JR