Amelia Craw is the daughter of Jesse Craw. She is an NPC, at the moment.


Amelia Craw has medium long brown hair. One side of her hair is tied up into a pigtail while the other side is held up by a hair clip. She has brown eyes and is a Caucasian female. She wears a blue shirt underneath a pink vest. She wears short denim shorts with high socks and black, button-up shoes. She has a pin on her vest that is of a blue feather.


Amelia Craw is very energetic. However, she isn't too gullible; she can be really serious often when doing important things. She dislikes when people goof off and do nothing to help the situation. She is very mature for her age.


Amelia Craw was born on April 21st at the local clinic in Brenn, Havvana, to the parents, Jesse and Lucy Craw. She lived with them for a short amount of time as a little child before being separated from her father.

She is currently a slave for a rich nobleman.

Character Stats



Musician: Rank 1

1: I can play!- You are able to play an instrument. Instrument: Violin, Piano, and Vocals

Fighter: Rank 2

1: Extra Technique -



(Starting Technique): (Description)

(Starting Technique): (Description)

(Starting Technique): (Description)

(Additional Techniques): (Description)

Weapon and Armor:

(Weapon Name): (stats and possible bonus)

(Armor Name): (stats and possible bonus)

Accuracy (Stam+Percep)/2
Dodge/Parry (Agility + Perception) / 2
Defense (Stamina + Agility) / 2 
Melee damage Strength 
Ranged damage Precision