Arlong Village was a village of a bygone era. It is apart of the main island of the Conomi Isles. It is completely abandoned. Nobody knows why, how, or what happened to cause it to become this way. There are many rumors on why it was abandoned, but nobody really cares to investigate them. Nobody really knows why it was even named, Arlong Village. The running rumor is that it wasn't always named Arlong Village until some fishmen pirates took it over.

Like Kokoyashi, the village is in a tropical setting and the climate is quite warm. It is rather close to Kokoyashi Village about an hours walk to and from.

Player History

For a time, Arlong Village was the main base of the Blue Team, who are in a perpetual rivalry with the Red Team, who were at this time based in Kokoyoshi Village. The Marines, while investigating the situation, went to the Village to do recon on the Blues. During that time an explosion blew a large hole in the surrounding wall. The rooms that were not being actively used by the Blues remained as they were when the building was abandoned, full of dusty old furniture and other odds and ends. After the Blues left to guard the east portion of the East Blue, Arlong Village is once again abandoned.

Things to Note

  • Abandoned Village filled with secrets
  • Sunken sewers underneath village filled with secrets