Auron looks very old and frail. He was a long grey beard and soft weak eyes. He usually has his entire body covered expect for his face in clothing, even his hands. Auron has not aged well, however some say that may be due to his rivalry with S. Anji.


Auron is a very kind man. Despite being a pirate, he cares for his people very much. However, he is somewhat of a tyrant. He quickly disposes of those that disagree with his views and usually did so by crushing their skulls.


Auron spent a long time in the East Blue. He started his pirate career early on and gathered a formidable crew, but instead of sailing towards the Grand Line, they instead attacked random towns at random intervals. The attacks were so varied and so spaced out, the marines had a hard time really finding a thread in the pirates. However, Auron fight many times with the now Captain S. Anji and won up until the point he decided to take Anvard. There, while his crew was victorious, he fell to S. Anji's blade, and has never recovered since.