Ava Hunt is a Marine Captain stationed on the Island of Riesen-Knochen in the Grand Line.


She was trained by Patricia Hammon until she became a Captain. She later was sent to Riesen-Knochen after her almost fatal wound against the 10-Year Long Bounty Pirate, Eduardo Bello. She now resides in the City of Reisen on Riesen-Knochen, an island in the Grand Line with two marine bases.  Her almost fatal wound was that she lost her right arm during the 10-Year Long Bounty Arc.  She now uses her right stump as a way to connect herself to her anchor via chain.  She is known for her great looks and her large anchor and chain weapon of choice.

Ava also has a hard time being around Revell Tribon.  She has developed a school girl crush for him and gets rather embarrassed when he is around.

Character Stats

Strength 65
Stamina 50
Agility 40
Perception 40



Anchor and Chain, named "Lil' Ava":  a steel anchor found at the bottom of the ocean, next to a large marine galleon.


Shot Put -  Ava swings her anchor around in a spinning motion with her chain as she prepares to let it fly at her enemy.

Drop Anchor!  -  Ava leaps into the air, carrying her anchor, as she throws it down at her enemy from above.