This is a list of the more well known crews in the role play. If at any point, your character manages to form a crew with other player characters, you can feel free to add them to this page.

Current NPC Crews

Crew Name Captain Affiliation
The Blue Bird Pirates Barry Light Pirate
Corona Company Bounty Hunters Argo Murciélago Bounty Hunters
Visceral Souji M. Yuuto Bounty Hunters
C-2 Elroy Griffith Marine
King's Legion Pirates Auron Cressign Pirate
C-5 Crest Wicker Marine

Former NPC Crews

Crew Name Captain Affiliation
The Guerilla Pirates Eduardo Bello Pirate
Hazard Pirates Markov Tuxen Pirate
The Big Time Pirates Kendall Pirate
The Sunshine Pirates Jose Del Bosque  Pirate
The Heavy Metal Pirates Christopher Bowes Pirate