Emmanuel: Brown-skinned with a seemingly permanent intense look on his face. Has a build that's somewhere between a slim and athletic. Has a mane of messy red hair that comes out in small braids at the back. Eyes are golden brown. Always has the jewels of his people on his person and braided into his hair so theft of the itemus made difficult.

Kindling: A baby bird that just hatched from an egg. It barely knows how to fly, but is able to keep up when Emmanuel is on the run... even if it's able to maintain level breathing after the excursion. [1]


Emmanuel: He acts like he has something to prove, although he has no one to prove it to. He loves the outdoors and hates confined spaces. He doesn't like to play games unless something serious I'd on the line and he's not a people person, but secretly hates to be alone. He hates the idea of transportation so if he can get there by foot he's doing so, no matter how long it takes.

Kindling: curious to a fault and eager to peck anything within range. Its IQ isn't known, but it's at least smart enough to follow commands from Emmanuel and too seem like it understands conversation.


Emmanuel was born on the island of Archeais. The island had a monarchy system in place and his family was in charge. Being a desert island, living was harsh and survival depended on balancing out the resources that came from the several oasi that dotted the land.

The Royal Family that Emmanuel belonged wasn't in charge of ruling the people but being strong enough to keep those oasi safe and clean. Whether it be from beasts or bandits, the Family had to be strong enough to fend off any danger and keep it's island running, and the did so for centuries until the arrival of Makura.

Makura was a giant avian beast that riding in a large outcropping of land msny leagues from Archeais. It was a wasteful creature and soon it had depleted all of its resources and decided to attack the peaceful island for food. Many lives were lost before the Royal Family could strike back however, and the creature had made a new home clse to an oasis near a populated city.

Emmanuel vs Makura

Emmanuel vs Maura

Emmanuel, full of dreams of grandeur, snuck into the Arena that the beast was nesting in and attacked it at first light. The fight was for way longer than LeShade wanted and he almost died until he was saved by an arrow fired by his brother, Ganindiel, felling it in one shot.

Emmanuel, his pride shattered, raged through the arena, destroying property and making his shout echo through the building was soon answered by weak chirping coming from an alcove, the Makura was only nesting to feed it's chick. He took up the chick as a pet as a form of atonement for killing it's parent. Soon after he left the island on a soul searching journey to find if there's more to life.

Ganindiel, Emmanuel's brother

Ganindiel, Emmanuel's brother


Inventor: An Inventor is a man or woman with knowledge in how various mechanical devices work. They have good insight in how blueprints work, and can build explosives, devices, and other assorted inventions if they have enough materials. Inventors gain the ability to create explosives and gadgets that they may use in battle.

Primary Trait: These creations can be used as techniques, that can exceed Rank 14.

weapon Specialist: A Weapon Specialist is someone who has to some degree devoted their life to the mastery of a single weapon or weapon type, such as swords, axes, whips, pistols, rifles, slingshots, or even cannons. Characters who have this profession have no maximum rank for techniques involving their specified weapon.

Merchant: Merchants are fairly charismatic people who are skilled in both bargaining and selling things to others. Their expertise means that they are very knowledgeable of the economy, and deal with all manner of merchandise. Additionally, they they tend to be well-connected in trading circles.

General Traits

Devil Fruit User (7): The player has received the Magu Magu no mi (the magma magma fruit) and has had their character to eat this fruit. Since this fruit is a rank X fruit, this fruit costs [7] traits.

Sonic (2 Traits): This character's agility is boosted by 30%.

Professional Traits

Jack of All Trades (1): The character is able to master multiple skills, and has become adept at a number of things. This character gains one additional Profession. Merchant

Tough Bargainer (1): Ever the successful business person, merchants know how to extract money from people and to keep as much as they can from leaving their pocket. Thus, they will always earn 20% more Beli from every Mini Arc they participate in.

Rare Find (1): A keen merchant always has his eyes and ears open for an exceptional deal. At the end of every Mini Arc, the character will be offered a rare and valuable item determined at random that they can purchase.

Critical Hit (1): Through training in learning where a person’s pressure points and vital are located within a body. These character can use technique points to create techniques that strike at these points and cause debuffs. The amount points they’re allowed to use for these techniques is equal to a quarter of their Will


Anything of monetary value to your character specifically should be listed here.

Link Beli Gain Beli Loss Item Gain Item Loss
[2] 3,000
[3] 4,200 Hawkeye
[4] 5,000
[5] 14,600 Red Queen Hawkeye and Khopesh
[6] 10,000
[7] 6,000 Mjolnir Shard Red Queen
[8] 14,625
[9] 10000 Den Den Mushi
[10] Kindling
[11] 4000
[12] 775
[13] 3500 15 Pudding Cups
[14] 20400


[16] 30,000 Red Scale Coat
[17] 16,500 Iron Khopesh and Red Scale Coat
[18] 3,750 Prayer Bead Necklace Mjolnir Shard
[19] 300 Bunny and Panda Plus
[20] Bunny Plush
[21] 20 Lauren Kim Bobblehead
[22] 200

Fang Necklace: bead necklace with the claw of Emmanuel's first kill: a sabre-tooth tiger. (Starter Item)

Prayer Bead Necklace: A set of large prayer beads. They were said to be the prized possessions of a great warrior who only sought an equal he could fight without restraint. They aren't very sturdy, so be careful with them.

15 Mysterious Pudding Cups - A collection of pudding cups, made by that familiar company from both Bellestown and Loguetown. 15 cups in all, so make em count.

====== ~Durian~, Vanilla, Honey Mustard, Mystery Food X, Licorice,
Cheescake, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Bacon, Gummy Worms,
Vodka, Prunes, Marshmallow, Chocolate, Bubble Gum ======

Combat Style

Strength 70
Stamina 46
Agility 51 (66)
Perception 55
Will 47

Emmanuel's fighting style after the consumption of a Devil Fruit has gone under a slight change. His versatility has been altered to a more melee focused approach. He focuses on his fruit power when in close combat and when he goes into mid-range, using its destructive nature to cause lasting damage across the board and ruining defense as it eats away at the matter around him. He usually doesn't hold back when enraged but otherwise he tries to control where the magma flows when he uses the cursed abilities he was given.

His other way of combat is the sword. He deals with his missing striking range by filling the empty space provided with a great sword that has proven to withstand the test of time and strength that Emmanuel is capable of. His blade is usually made of metals resistant to the heat he can put out so he doesn't accidentally destroy his own weapon. He focuses on the same melee principles of his mother and uses powerful strikes meant to maim and sunder.


Max Rank 47
Technique Points Left 1
Technique Points Used 116
Technique Points Total 117

Magma Fruit

Magu Magu no Mi (Rank 8) - The Magma Fruit - logia fruit that allows the user to create, become, and control magma.

  • Magma Orb (Rank 14) - User chucks an cantaloupe-sized glob of magma at a target, does little in the way of bashing damage but burns really bad after it splatters against the target. (Mid) Trained. Branches from Magu Magu no Mi
    • Magma Lob (Rank 20) - User throws a Basketball-sized sphere of magma in a very high arc to achieve distance. Upon hitting an object it splatters and sends globs of lava in all directions (Mid - AoE) Super Human. Branches from Magma Orb.
      • Magma Mortar (Rank 30) - User throws a dense bowling ball-sized sphere of magma in a very high arc to achieve necessary distance. Upon hitting an object is splattes and sends lava in all directions (Mid - AoE) Physics Bending. Branches from Magma Lob.
    • Magma Barrel (Rank 20) - User throws a canteloupe-sized sphere of magma in a straight line, hitting an object with great force and may melt what it touches (Short - "Piercing") Superhuman. Branches from Magma Orb
      • Magma Barrel Kai (Rank 38) - User makes a dense basketball-sized sphere of lava in the palm of their hand while simultaneously building up pressure behind it. After a moment of concentration, they fire it off like a missile towards an intended direction. Once it hits a target, it bores into it by way of the force of the shot and the corrosive nature of the magma itself. The intense heat and power of the magma may cause metals to melt.(Short | Piercing | Material Destroying) Physics Bending. Branches from Magma Barrel

Magu Magu no Mi (Rank 24) - The Magma Fruit - logia fruit that allows the user to create, become, and control magma with more finesse. Superhuman. Branches from Magu Magu no Mi (Rank 8)

  • Draco Fist (Rank 29) - The user turns their hand into magma and make it five times bigger, long enough to strike a target with a molten fist. (Melee - Str.) Superhuman. Branches from Magu Magu no Mi (Rank 25)
    • Draco Pummel (Rank 44) - The turns their hands into magma and makes them five times bigger. LeShade then delivers a barrage of punches at an intended target potentially dealing bashing and burning damage with each full strength blow. The intense heat from the magma, may cause weapons it comes in contact with to melt. (Gatling | Melee | Str | Material Destroying) Branches from Draco Fist (Rank 29)
  • Hellscape (Rank 29) - The user makes a 10 meter wide circle of magma. Obviously if you step on it, you burn. (AoE - 6 - 10 targets) Superhuman. Branches from Magu Magu no Mi (Rank 24)
    • Magma Casket (Rank 36) - After using Hellscape, the user can manipulate some of their magma into a giant hand that grabs at whatever is in or above the area. If contact is made, it'll surround and then squeeze the object in an attempt to crush it. The only warning is a set of five bubbles starting to form before the hand bursts forth. (Debuff - str) Physics Bending. Branches from Hellscape. - 21 agility (7 of 9 crit points used)
    • Magma Breach (Rank 36) - After using Hellscape, the user can activate geysers of magma within this area. Obviously if struck, the target is bashed from the explosive force and burned by the clinging magma. Only warning sign is a bubble begins to form a full second before eruption. (Short range) Physics Bending. Branches from Hellscape
    • Magma Flare (Rank 44) - After using Hellscape, the user can choose to cause a "localized event" in a five meter wide circle and make it all go boom except for two foot wide circle around his position. The resulting explosion can obviously cook anything in range. The only warning is bubbling throughout Hellscape's "Realm." The intense power and heat of the magma may cause any nearby metals to melt. (AoE [2 to 5 people] | Material Destroying) Physics Bending. Branches from Hellscape