Frederick Heinrichs is a Pirate Captain of the Pirate Crew, The West Wind Pirates. He was formely wanted with a 20,000,000 Beli bounty in the West Blue.


Frederick got his title as "The Impaler" by slaughtering an entire village of innocent civilians in the West Blue.  This also got him a 20 million Beli bounty.  This happened because his crew and him were on their way to the Grand Line and stopped at a nearby island to replenish food and supplies.  They took everything and killed everyone.  From there, they left for Reverse Mountain; a few marines on the way to the island saw the pirates leaving into the horizon towards the mountain.  After the marines scavenged the island for survivors and doing their report on the massacre,  they left for Reverse Mountain to chase after The West Wind Pirates. 

However, karma caught up to Frederick and the West Wind Pirates on their way to the Grand Line.  Their ship was destroyed going up Reverse Mountain; the current swept all of his crew members away to different seas, breaking up the band of pirates. The marines chasing after the band of pirates only found pieces of their ship and their flag floating down the mountain to the sea again.  Some of his crew members were found and captured in different seas.  However, they knew not where Frederick had gone.  Lucikly, Frederick found himself in the East Blue on a pirate ship going to Bellestown.  It was a weak pirate crew and he easily took control of it.  However, on arrival to Bellestown, he was the first one to get off and ended up being betrayed by the weak pirate crew.  They took off without him to sail to a different city and island.

From Bellestown, Frederick had found himself a ride over to a more secluded village on the island of Yagishiri.

Character Stats

Strength 50
Stamina 35
Agility 30
Precision 20
Perception 25