Gosa Village is a smaller village next to Kokoyashi Village on the main island of the Conomi Isles. It doesn't really hold much importance in the world or the east blue. The town had recently been raided by the Northern Raiders. The town had fallen to ruin during this event and is still in the process of rebuilding. Because of this event, though, population is at an all-time low. Nobody wants to live there and risk losing everything again.

Like Kokoyashi, the village is in a tropical setting and the climate is quite warm. It is rather close to Kokoyashi Village about an hours walk to and from.

Player History

The Northern Raiders

At Gosa Village, a group of raiders called the whatever the name is in the title of this section, attacks Gosa Village in order to enslave them. Tiger, Rebecca, and Ox, outsiders come to help the village. Then Zain, Rei, and Dragon come, followed by the Blue Bird Pirates. They try to defend the village, but then get recked by George Jr. They get taken away as slaves and then Rei gets beat up gain. The PCs who didn't get enslaved break into the base through some haki bullshit and free the slaves and the enslaved PCs. Then some epic and magical fight happens with the side of good coming out in the end.... And Barry gets a monkey. Wait. Chimpanzee. The End.

Things to Note

  • Town was previously under siege by raiders. Currently in ruins.
  • Population at an all time low.