Jax has neck-length brown hair. He is tall and seemingly slender, but he is mostly muscle. He has various work related scars on his body. He wears a black jacket and wears several belts over his dark pants. He wears several necklaces. He is very basic looking, nothing out of the ordinary.


Jax has always been a tinker, wanting to take apart and reassemble anything he could get his hands on. Because of his background, he is shy and standoffish. He is scared of fighting because he doesn't believe in himself. Although he is scared of actual confrontation, he still talks big hoping the rival party will back off. Jax can often be found developing a crazy new idea of his or making repairs to his already crazy contraptions.


When Jax was born, his mother Jaqueline died during birth. His father, James, named Jax after her. James owned a ship yard on a small island that sailors called "Quick Port". While James and his employees were busy with wood working, Jax was busy being interested in all the mechanisms that were used to build them. As Jax grew up, he became the mechanic of the yard. He was always scheming for more parts for his creations.

One day, he accidentally sold out the location of his father for some copper wiring. He wasn't thinking anything of it when the mysterious figures who turned out to be pirates gave him the gift.

That night, his father was killed and he was labeled a traitor. All of James's employees left and the pirates took the port over, attacking all who enter and stealing their booty.

Jax currently resides in a small cabin on the other side of the island where he warns passing ships to stay away.

Combat Style

One of the first things invented by Jax was his Blundersaber. It is seemingly a sword, but when the tip pops open to make a crosshair, a barrel inside the blade is revealed. Jax is not an incredibly skilled marksman or a swordsman, so his weapon really is just for show and basic use. Jax tries to avoid fights.

Character Stats

These statistics determine how competent your character is, at certain things. When allocating any stat points, take into consideration of what having X amount of points in each stat means. Don't be surprised if you're outmatched, because you decided to keep a certain stat at three points.

Strength Total Strength 15
Stamina Total Stamina 11
Agility Total Agility 8
Perception Total Perception 11
Will Total Stats divided by Five 9


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Primary Profession: Inventor

Secondary Profession: Carpenter

Tough As Nails: Through all the manual labor Jax has done, his arms, up to his elbows, and his legs, up to his knees, have gained flesh that is literally as tough as iron, making him much more resistant to physical damage.


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Profession Trait(Cost): Description

General Trait(Cost): Description

General Trait(Cost): Description

General Trait(Cost): Description


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Beli: 5,000

Item Name(Cost): Description

Item Name(Cost): Description


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Max Rank Same as Will
Technique Points Left
Technique Points Used
Technique Points Total (Will*2.5)

Technique(Rank): (Description) (Technique Point Cost)

Technique(Rank): (Description) (Technique Point Cost)

Technique(Rank): (Description) (Technique Point Cost)