Kagetane is a pale, lean man, with slicked-back, grey hair. He wears a white mask that is of a simple design. It has a wide mischievous smirk and two crescent shaped eye slits. He wears white gloves and a long red jacket with a split cape that extends to his feet. Underneath the jacket is a white shirt and he wears a bow-tie. On top of his head is what appears to be a magician's hat.


As the owner of the Red Lion Casino, he can act however he wants to act unlike his employees. Despite that fact, he usually acts professionally unless someone ticks him off. He is a man of mystery and it is said that only his three most trusted dealers, Leronira, Solario, and Nearco, have seen what's behind the mask. He is a wicked man who doesn't hesitate when it comes to enacting punishment on those who disrespect his rules and authority.


Many years ago, he started a casino in each of the four blue seas and traveled the world. A decade or two ago, he came across and picked up Leronira, Solario, and Nearco. Each from a different blue and they became his most trusted dealers. The rest of his backstory is as of yet unknown as well as his age.