Kokoyashi Village is located on the main island of the group of islands known as, Conomi Island. The city's culture is very tropical as the climate in this region has very warm temperatures. The island is known for it's famous oranges. There are several orange farms along the outskirts of the village that produce oranges. The village makes most of it's money from exporting oranges throughout the East Blue and World Wide.

The village had a fishmen problem a decade ago. However, it was dealt with swiftly. The current village is run by Alfons Galucha; he is a rather strict mayor who wears a military uniform and has a pinwheel on his hat. He uses it to make himself look less like a bad guy.

Player History

For a time, Kokoyoshi Village was the main base of operations for the Red Team, a group of "soldiers" with a long-standing rivalry with the Blue Team. The Blues, who had set up shop in Arlong Village, were raiding Kokoyoshi while the Reds attempted to stop them. The Marines, led by Commander Zenith Blade, came to the village to investigate the situation. After speaking with the Reds and doing some recon on the Blues, the Marines concocted a plan to get the two teams to stop fighting one another. After several unexpected turns in the direction of the plan, and a run in with freelancer Agent Tex, the Reds and Blues end up each taking half of the East Blue to guard against pirates and leave the island. One of the Reds, Lopez, joined the Marines.

Things to Note

  • There are hidden secrets within Kokoyashi Village
  • The Village also holds the secret formula that makes boobs grow over time, called the N.A.M.I.