Name: Matsu Blackwood

Nickname: NA

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Blood type: AB-

Nationality: English

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: November 11th


Matsu has long blonde hair which she wears in various differing styles, although usually up and out of the way of her cooking. She has azure blue eyes which always seem to convey her emotion well, be it anger or friendlyness. She doesn't have overly large boobs and seems to have a clothing fashion all of her own.

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 112lb

Build: Slim

Skin: Fair

Hair: Long blonde

Eyes: Blue

Tattoos/Scars? None

Glasses/Contacts? Neither

Left/Right handed? Right handed


Matsu is very friendly although it sometimes takes a while to earn her trust. She has her mother's temper although it is not often she will become angry.


She is the daughter of Aurelia Blackwood and Jack M. Taikutsushita , she was born 9 months after the events that took place in Telmar. She now knows who her Father is, although she knows little about him and has not met him. She joined a crew with her half-brother Souji M. Yuuto after meeting Katrina Ebony .


Strength 16
Stamina 14
Agility 16
Perception 18
Will 12
Base points 27
Earned 37 (Master Log)
Total 64


Profession Chef

A Chef, Cook, Bartender or any other distinct related profession gives kitchen skills and knowledge about food, flavoring, ingredients, drink, and nutrients. They are masters at making the most out of whatever ingredients are available, and know how to create a balanced diet for the crew that will keep everyone in fighting trim.

Primary Trait: Chefs can also create foods which strengthen those who eat it, granting buffs to their allies.

Profession  Inventor

An Inventor is a man or woman with knowledge in how various mechanical devices work. They have good insight in how blueprints work, and can upgrade weapons, build explosives and battle engines if they have enough materials.

Primary Trait:Inventors gain the ability to create explosives and gadgets that they may use in battle. These inventions have no maximum rank. Inventors have access to certain additional traits.

General Trait Access: As a production profession, Inventor has access to certain General Traits as if they were Professional Traits, and may spend Professional Traits on them. These include: Technically Adept (All), Technical Mastery (All), and Cyborg Traits(Inv). Those who have a production profession as a secondary profession will have access to the normal list of traits available to their profession which do not require the primary benefit in order to work.

Proffession Trait:

Trait Baking Bad 
Description Requires Primary Chef and Secondary Inventor or Doctor. Experienced both in the ways of science and the cook, the character has taken their skills to the next level by combining them. They may now make chef techniques that can be used in combat to apply debuffs to their enemies simply by contacting them, much like a poison (these work exactly like Chef buffs, but have a duration of 1 post per 4 ranks). They may also make kitchen-related gadgets.



Trait Paramecia Devil Fruit
Description Paramecia with versatile effects, ones which automatically make the user a tricky or "annoying" opponent to beat, Basic Zoans with one extra attribute.


Technique Description Rank Branches from? Stat Used Range
Rage Velvet Cupcakes Matsu cooks up red velvet cupcakes that provide a +4 buff to strength. 11 N/A Strength Personal
Chilli Wowa! Matsu throws a explosive chilli at her target, this acts like a normal explosive would, however also showers the target with chilli. Dat burn. Is basically a explosive inside a chili pepper. 12 N/A Invention Ranged