As a dealer, he wears the same garb that any other would wear. The only difference being that he wears white gloves and has a mask with a diamond above and below each eye.


As a dealer, he acts professionally and like a gentlemen. When he isn't a dealer, he is a heavy drinker, drinking many bottles a day. He enjoys himself.


His parents never really got along. His father was a drunkard and his mother was a druggy who did messed up things. They would fight daily and when they weren't together, they would take things out on Nearco. It got to the point where Nearco would bleed daily just from the abuse. In time, he couldn't take it anymore and shot both of his parents dead and ran away from the locals. He would grow up on the streets and shoot dead everyone who tried to take advantage of him. Kill after kill piled up and took its tole on his mind and he would drink heavily just to make the pain go away. After a while, Kagetane found him and saw something in him. He took Nearco away and gave him a home and helped him with his troubles.