Norlak is a recruit in the Marines. He is a bit of a Gossip, but is a very good navigator.


Norlak is a bit of gossip. If he sees something happen, everyone on the base will know about it. Sadly for most, he is a decent fighter so most people just let him play in his immature ways. Some say he was a soft side, but he never shows it. He does show how much of a dick he is though.


Not much is known about Norlak's past. He just showed up on marine base Tragedy one day and joined the marines. People ask him but he never tells.

After a mission on an unknown island, it is assumed that Norlak has died.

Character Stats

Strength 6
Stamina 18
Agility 20
Perception 20
Will 17


Primary Profession: Navigator

Secondary Profession: Weapon Specialist


Sparky: His pistol which he named Sparky. It is a bit larger than a normal flintlock which begs the question what kind of ammunition does it use? In addition, it seems to have several upgrades to allow him much faster reload speeds than normal.


Max Rank Same as Will
Technique Points Left
Technique Points Used
Technique Points Total (Will*2.5)

Technique(Rank): (Description) (Technique Point Cost)

Technique(Rank): (Description) (Technique Point Cost)

Technique(Rank): (Description) (Technique Point Cost)