Perseus is a slender gentleman who stands at 5'10". His hair is black and reaches his shoulders if it were straight, but it tends to curl up a bit. The back part of it is usually kept in a ponytail. His eyes are golden brown/amber and seem to sparkle with disdain from time to time. Dubois wears the fanciest of clothing, because he feels he deserves nothing less than the best. Adorned on his sharp featured face is a birthmark in the shape of a heart.


Dubois is the kind of guy who loves being carefree. He finds such things like, fidelity and loyalty to be laughable. The only friends he needs are the ones he can use to forward his own ideas. He has a serious lack of concern for the lives of others. Deep, deep, deep down below the surface of his blackened heart is a speck of gold that longs to care and be cared for.


Perseus Dubois was born to a family of fur traders. They lived well off on Dawn Island in Fusha Village. His father was once paid with a Devil Fruit for the magnificent work he had done, and Perseus, being the self-centered jerk he is, ate it. He loved the new abilities it gave him and the icing on top was that it made things more fun. But Dubois got tired of living in luxury that he did not "earn." In fact, the only joy he found was in his training with his twin guns. He affectionately named them "Red Dragon & Black Serpent." He also had bought himself a cutlass for the pure esthetic and look of a pirate. His parents didn't approve, and he frankly didn't care. Dubois's parents went out to sea for a short vacation, the ship was wrecked by an incompetent navigator. Upon receiving the news of their death, Perseus spent time learning about charts and navigation for the sole purpose of not winding up like his parents.

After a "mysterious fire" took away his home and his families wealth, Perseus up and left. His clothing, which "somehow" survived the fire, and his weapons were the only things he took with him as he left. He found people willing to let him aboard their ships and took him from island to island, town to town, where he lived the life of a care free partier and pirate. He took to pirating quite nicely since he loves doing as he pleased and using whoever he needed to to get what he wanted. He still continues to practice his marksmanship and is looking for anyone he can use to further his collection of his own wealth.

Character Stats

Strength 4
Stamina 4
Agility 7
Perception 7