Shizu is of average height, and has an average build. Nothing about him really stands out. He isn't extremely muscular, nor extremely tall. He has long black hair reaching a bit past his shoulders, he also has a purple tinge to the skin around his eyes. The eyes themselves are a vivid green, standing out against the purple hue. His skin is extremely pale and his teeth are individually pointed, coming to unnaturally sharp points, looking a lot like the fangs of a snake. 


Nobody really knows what goes on in Shizu's mind, he seems to have a greater goal for everything and his mind is completely geared towards it. What this goal is, nobody really knows. Sometimes he'll be helpful for seemingly no reason, and other times he'll murder people in his way with true grim determination. He's good at hiding his true feelings, one of the best, and he's even better at pretending he cares for something. If he hadn't gone into the line of work that he did, then he'd make a perfect actor. 


As far as is known, he grew up with a happy past, his family were merchants who made lots of money, they taught Shizu the tricks of the trade and taught him how to use a bow. Why Shizu became what he is today? Well, that's a complete mystery, one that, one day, you might learn!