As a dealer, he wears the same garb that any other would wear. The only difference is that he has white gloves on and wears a mask with a sun over his right eye.


As a dealer, he acts professionally and like a gentlemen, but if he experiences loss after loss, his true personality will start to show. When he's not a dealer, he is quite the cocky guy. He doesn't like losing.


When he was younger, he got involved with quite the bad crowd and started gambling a lot. He won game after game and his ego grew alongside his riches. Eventually, it came to the point where it became a problem. He got into a game with some professionals and lost everything he earned. He grew desperate and gambled his home and family and lost it. With that, he had lost everything. He couldn't accept the loss, however, and tried to run away with his family. But his opponents figured that would be the outcome and killed his whole family as he tried to run away. Solario was mortally wounded and left to die. In time, Kagetane chanced upon Solario and saw something in him. He saved Solario's life and took him in.