Souji is about sixteen years old in age although he may look a bit older then that. He had a dark complexion, sharply contrasted by his straight blonde hair. Typically he can be seen wearing an interesting looking blue coat, and a long black tie, that he hangs loosely around his neck. His eyes are a deep blue color that seem to have this odd coldness about them. He commonly keeps a pair of pistols somewhere on his person, but he keeps them concealed for obvious reasons. There are several scars around his body from all the training and fighting he's been doing since a young age, but that training has also given him a stocky build.

Recently Souji physiology has begun to take more noticeable changes, such as a pair of gills located around the collar bone between the neck and shoulders. The color of his eyes changing has also begun to affect his hair as well. The most dangerous change so far are the toxins that his body has begun producing. The tips of his fingers and toes now have poisonous barbs, which at the moment are uncontrollable. He wears black leather gloves, with an open palm, in order to avoid poisoning people. These gloves will almost never come off his fingers, even when being intimate.

In order to hide his gills, Souji's appearance is usually either a compression shirt or his normal dress shirt. He wants to make sure no one can discern what he is by looking.


As a child, Souji used to be quite cheerful and happy. He would spend all day, exploring the island he lived on, making adventures for himself. However, as he grew up he slowly became much more cold and calculating, although this may be a self defense mechanism to deal with his rather remorseful upbringing. He's rather focused on his goals, and would rather push forward then stop and take a night off to party. But, he's also level headed. He knows his own limits and tries to keep the limits of those around him in mind. He's not trying to be a king or to become famous. He just wants to change the world, and he knows he can't do that alone.

He had a great hatred for the Marines, as well as his father Jack M. Taikutsushita. However, he used this hatred to keep him going and motivation to change the world, not to actively seek out and destroy marines everywhere. He's smart enough to know that something like that would be a massive undertaking and must be treated as such. He's also smart enough to know that, being a pirate would only attract attention to himself, so he'll be staying neutral until it benefits him.

Despite his rather cold exterior, there still excites that same happy kid underneath, though he'd rarely let anyone ever see that side of him. He's also a bit socially awkward due to only knowing his parents for most of his childhood. He acclimated to the real world over the past few years but he's still a bit inept when it comes to certain things.

Since arriving at Crickhollow, he's learned to take more time for himself and has tried to not waste his life devoted to one thing. He has an entire life ahead of him and he believes he should spend it enjoying himself. He's become much more opened and forthcoming, willing to help those he considers friends. As of now his goal was to just, see the world and enjoy his life with the friends he's made. Though if he can make some cash and send some evil assholes to jail, he's not one to complain.

Since Kat left, and starting his relationship with Lucy he's had a more noticeable change in his demeanor. So far his choices of places to go have been less about where he could do the most good and where would be the most interesting. It seemed that like his father, he has a desire to explore and adventure. Though he still has a problem with pirates or anyone who destroy or harm innocent people without regret.

Souji prefers his privacy among other things. Though he already wished to keep a low profile so no one sees the connection between him and his own father, due to the insatiable questionings of an annoying red head, Souji prefers to not let people know what he is at all. He may even get pretty upset if he finds someone trying to tell others about it as well.

Background Info

Souji was born and raised on a secluded island within the Grand Line with his two parents. From a young age, he spent a lot of time hanging out with his dad, learning survival and fighting techniques. And due to the various monsters and dangerous wildlife living on the island, this was greatly needed. By the age of five, he was extremely adept at fighting monsters as well as being able to recognize the difference in how the wildlife attacked. And much like his father, he was happy and enjoyed everything he did.

While growing up, Souji was always taught by his dad that the marines were the scum of the earth. They were controlling, manipulative and it was thanks to them that so many were suffering. Of course, with very little contact with the outside world, he had no real option except to believe that his words were true. Like his father, Souji always had an affinity for observing someone during a fight as well as being a natural at fighting monsters. Unlike his father, however, he relied on quick attacks instead of brute force. He was however just as cheery and upbeat as his dad, always smiling and taking everything in stride.

Around his tenth birthday, Souji left home to go catch a fish in a nearby river. When he returned the house was completely trashed, and there was a severely burnt body in the kitchen, gripping his mom's necklace for dear life. Nothing on the entire island could create fire except on of his father's swords. He cried for several days, weeks hoping his dad would come back or that this wasn't really his mom, but no one came back. And for the first time in his life he felt alone.

Still, Souji kept his head up and his chin high, as he slowly learned how to properly take care of himself, traveling the seas. He took to training when he could and taking odd jobs when he had to, he knew that's what his father would've wanted him to do. He was enjoying his life, traveling, seeing all the things the world had to offer, but he still held that disdain for the Marines that he was brought up to have. After all, one can't shake off their upbringing so easily.

After, some time he discovered, that his father was not only dead but, actually a very prominent figure of the Marines.This was a big turning point for him, as his happy go lucky attitude was soon replace by a cold calculating one. The man that he once knew, that he practically worshiped as a child, was now part of the very thing he hated. He cursed himself for being weak, for being helpless while this bastard killed his mom and left him behind for glory.

His heart now cold and full of angst, he swore he'd do everything in his power to take down the Marines and the World Government. He purchased a pair of pistols, a weapon his father would never even dream of touching. He didn’t know where he was headed or what he was gonna do, but he was definitely gonna make a name for himself doing it. He’d surpass the name Jack M. Taikutsushita. He changed his name from Souji M. Taikutsushita to Souji M. Yuuto, his mother’s maiden name, so no one would figure out who he really was.

Years passed, and Souji began making his way around the East Blue, training and trying to build up his own strength. He needed to start small, for what he was planning, but it would damn sure be worth the wait. Now, he just needed a crew.

As the festival went on, Souji slowly began to see the world differently than he had when he first came to the island. He learned that he was young and that devoting his life to hatred and vengeance was a waste. He learned that labels were just that. Being a marine or a pirate didn't make someone evil, it was who they were and their actions that showed that. He also learned that sometimes, you can't be hesitant. You need to just follow your heart instead of your brain. By, the end of the festival, he felt more alive than he had in a long time and he had everyone he met there to thank for that.

Instead of focusing on destroying the World Government and his father, Souji decided he'd try and see the world. And if he so happened to get stronger along the way, then better for him.


Primary Profession

Sword Specialist: A Weapon Specialist is someone who has to some degree devoted their life to the mastery of a single weapon or weapon type, such as swords, axes, whips, pistols, rifles, slingshots, or even cannons. Characters who have this profession have no maximum rank for techniques involving their specified weapon. Primary Trait: Characters with this profession have access to certain additional traits and may create "Stance" techniques.

Secondary Profession

Martial Artist: A Martial Artist is someone who specializes in hand-to-hand combat, completely or very close to unarmed. They usually have good insight in the aspects of weight, balance and movement of the body. Characters who have this profession have no maximum rank for combat techniques involving martial arts.

Tertiary Profession

Navigator: The Navigator profession gives knowledge about reading sea charts, currents and weather, reading the stars for a position and a lot of practical ship knowledge, too. Plotting a course along with the related mathematics, all of these are part of the Navigator's job. Non-Primary Trait: These characters are the only ones capable of sailing through the Grand Line. But, a Log Pose is required to do this of course.


Professional Traits

Amount Owned: 6

Amount Left: 0

Secondary Specialty: Pistols (1 Trait): Requires 100 Stat Points. This character has expanded their mastery from a single weapon or form of attack to encompass a broader selection. They can now make techniques exceeding rank 14, using Pistols. Additionally, they gain bonus technique points which can be used, only to create attacks that use both weapons or forms of attack at once, in the amount of a quarter of their Will.

Jack of all Trades (1 Trait): The character is able to master multiple skills, and has become adept at a number of things. This character gains 1 additional Professions. This trait can only be used to acquire two extra professions maximum. [Navigator]

Treasure Hunter (1 Trait): With their exceptional sense of direction, these navigators are very skilled in looking for treasures. Thus, in Mini Arcs, they will always get an extra little item. It could be something quirky, or it could be something rare.

By Land or Sea (1 Trait): A truly good navigators are never truly lost. Whether it's by stars, winds, or even more subtle signs, indoors or out, a navigator can find their way. This trait allows the character to find their way through mazes, jungles, fog, and other similar forms of impediment, so long as they have a means to do so.

In-Training (1 Trait): A trait designed to simply be used when you don’t know what to put your free professional trait in. You can remove this trait from your character at any time and spend it on something else. You make take this trait as many times as you like. x2

General Traits

Amount Owned: 12

Amount Left: 0

Hangyojin (4 Traits): This is a name given to a being that is of both fishman and human descent. While managing to obtain a mostly human appearance, these characters do indeed possess fishman attributes as well as some level of strength that exceeds normal humans. They gain the benefits of the Giant Strength trait and may also gain attributes or natural weapons based on their species. The number of traits needed depends on the species. It's wise to consult a moderator to find out the number of traits needed for your particular type.

  • Slipspeed: Due to his fishy heritage, Souji is not slowed when submerged, instead moving at normal speed while under water.
  • Neck Breather: Souji has gills located between his neck and shoulders that allow him to breath underwater.
  • Luminescence: Souji's eyes and hair are able to glow as well as change color.
  • Poison Tip: Like a Jellyfish, the tips of Souji’s fingers and toes possess near undetectable barbs that on contact can inject someone with jellyfish toxin. This character can use their own technique points, to create techniques based on this toxin, that can do damage or debuff. This amount is equal to a quarter of Souji's Will.

Fate of Cunning (6 Traits): By placing traits in Fated, you lock them until the next time you earn a trait. You may put as many traits as you have into fated. In the meantime, you get a temporary boost of (6 of traits in fated, multiplied by 3) to your perception score. This does not increase technical scores or technical rank.

Technical Mastery (2 Traits): Increases your technical score multiplier from 3 to 3.5. Replaces Technically Adept and requires 150 Stat Points.

Custom Traits

Chi Striker (Free): For the next 3 turns, Souji's weapon glows slightly blue, his strikes doing slightly more damage as he subconsciously uses his Chi to empower his strikes.


Link Beli Gain Beli Loss Item Gain Item Loss
Audit 53,979 ALL
Audit 36,000 Tapas & Rainhart
Audit 600 6 Baby Den Dens
Audit 5 Baby Den Dens
Let's Have Some Fun 2000 Doggy Bone
Into the Unknown 12000 Orange Blob Grenades
Happy Forest Fun Time 2500
Foreign Ship Rewards 6001 Doggy Bone
Red Lion Casino 5694
Time for Icecream! 150
Party at Grand Plaza 9500 Titanium Spear
A Game of Deception 2000
Minority World 5000
Open it, Open it! 4000
Forgoing Ones Pride 19500 Iron Briefcase and Kyūshū suru
Breathe Deeply 3000 Black Notebook
GTFO My Island! 5000
Ship Refund 9461
Hotline Miami 1800 Ship in a Bottle
Kill the Horde Doggy Bone
Heliophobia Rewards 14625 Strange Liquid
Leaving Dawn Island 2800
Free Card Respec Card
Bye Bye Card Respec Card
Getting a Ship...Again 13487 Ship
Finally Found One 50 Log Pose
Buying some Tickets 12000
Least I got Something 1050
I Didn't get High 22500 Strange Tone Dial
Madam Webb Returns 5000 Cool Looking Glasses
Angels No More 16800 Logi & Tiamat Tapas & Rainhart
Plushies Please 600
No Trading Cards for Me 200
Total: 38,633 Beli
Name Price Description
Logi & Tiamat 58,200 A pair of formally identical pistols that have been modified since Souji first got them. Logi is a red and gold pistol constructed with red sand glass, allowing it to heat up through repeated use, or to shoot out flaming bullets if you so choose. Tiamat on the other hand is silver and blue, being constructed of supreme salt. Both guns have comfortable leather grips and grooves near the hammer of the gun, allowing liquids to be fed into the barrel to coat the next bullet fired.
Kyūshū suru 16,500 A steel katana, intricately made by someone with a fascination of liquid. The handle is is back with blue wrapping, and the guard is a circular shape. It's interesting to not the just past the guard, a small spike juts out, along with grooves along the edge of the blade that can hold liquid that's inserted through the edge near the guard. The grooves distribute the liquid along the blade equally.
Iron Briefcase 3,000 An iron briefcase, comes with a foam mold designed to hold a katana and it's sheathe. However, the mold can be removed in order to place other things inside of it.
Strange Tone Dial N/A A strange tone dial with "Give me my nickle back" written on it. Whatever is stored in here, it must be important. Beware what lies inside it. This dial is very frail and can only be used once a mini arc.
Orange Blob Grenades N/A A pair of grenades that contain the same slime that Souji's pet blob is made from. On contact, the slime releases a euphoric feeling so powerful, that it forces the targets to laugh uncontrollably the longer it stays in contact with their skin. Souji only carries two of these per Arc and can only use them with permission from the Mini Arc Runner.
Ship in a Bottle N/A This isn't really yours. It is stolen and it seems very special. It is very important you do not break it. I am very serious. DO NOT BREAK THIS. Was it mentioned it is very fragile and will break after any longer fight? No? Good.
Strange Liquid N/A A strange green liquid that's kept in a bottle. When it comes into contact with clothing it melts them.
Black Notebook N/A It has some words etched into the cover, but it's hard to tell what they say. But one thing that is for certain, is that this book is full of names, dates, and times. What the hell is this thing?
Doggy Bone N/A Dogs can't resist this thing, even if they aren't real dogs.
Baby Den Den Mushi 50 A small blue den den mushi with yellow eyes. It's eyes seem almost constantly focused on something, though you can never really tell what.
Log Pose 50 A compass-like navigational device; a necessity for traveling the Grand Line. It is a wrist watch with a glass orb sitting on top, and a needle floating inside the middle of that orb suspended from the top by a thin piece of metal or wire.
Cool Looking Glasses 5,000 A pair of glasses with a few colored stripes near the end of the arms. They look pretty fashionable.
Beautiful Necklace Priceless A necklace comprised of beautiful bluestones. It was the only real keepsake Souji has from his mom so, for him, this is probably the most valuable item he owns.
Titanium Spear 19,000 A prize won in a lottery held by Thogretor. The spear is in pristine condition and can seemingly boost the perception of those that use it. For some reason, the spear is believed to be cursed so no one will buy it from you.

Combat Style

Strength 93 104
Stamina 104 104
Agility 104 104
Perception 86 104
Will 77 79
Total 387 416

Souji's combat style revolves around his close quarter's combat skills, as well as the two pistols he wields in battle. While it may appear that he prefers to fight from a distance, he actually prefers to fight up close and personal, using his pistols like batons to attack his opponent's and firing off rounds in between strikes. He's also been known to sneak up on opponents in order to get a quick killing blow.

Souji is also highly experienced in swordplay, being extremely proficient with a katana and swords akin to it. The reason he rarely uses a sword, while having to do with distancing himself with his father was not the only reason, though that reason is kept to himself. Much like his father, Souji's form of swordplay incorporates both text book slashes and stabs and forms, as well as more unorthodox methods that he may have come up with while hunting and training. With both styles Souji generally sticks to a reactionary based style, by using moves to bait and observe his opponent, before going for a quick finish.


Total Technique Points: 257

  • Amount Used: 203
  • Amount Left: 45

Poison Tipped Total: 19

  • Amount Used: 19
  • Amount Left: 0

Secondary Specialty Total: 19

  • Amount Used: 0
  • Amount Left: 19

Hand to Han​d Techniques

Weighted Punch

(Rank 4)

Souji swings his arm at an opponent, sometimes holding something in his hand, in an attempt to hit them with his clenched fist and strike them. The added weight from the object makes the punch have more force behind it.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength

Palm Strike

(Rank 8)

Souji closes his fingers instead of his entire hand and aims a strikes at the opponent. Opting to use an open palm strike instead of a closed fist, gives him slightly more range and speed on the strike.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Weighted Punch

Heavy Claw

(Rank 12)

Souji performs a double open palm strike, usually at the opponent’s solar plexus or at the center of the chest. Striking at either point will hopefully disorientation, due to either having the air knocked out of them or being the point where the heart is located.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Palm Strike

Fervorous Strike

(Rank 21)

A fast and powerful strike, where Souji can move his hands from his sides to a part of the opponent's body at blinding speeds. The strike is generally aimed at the center of the chest, usually to push the air out of them. Although with the speed behind it, it may be able to crack a rib or two if lands correctly.

Range: Melee | Stat: Speed | Branch From: Heavy Claw

Venom Jab

(Rank 30)

Souji pulls his hands right from his pockets and strike at an opponent, almost like a quick draw. When using this technique, Souji generally strikes, not with his palm, but with the tips of his fingers. The strike may cause little damage, but the toxin coursing through their veins, definitely will.

Range: Melee | Stat: Speed | Branch From: Fervorous Strike | Debuff: -21 Agility

Gun Techniques

Quick Shot

(Rank 4)

Souji quickly pulls out a firearm and quickly fires a shot off.

Range: Short | Stat: Strength

Wild Shot

(Rank 10)

Using both his pistols, Souji fires multiple shots at the ground with the intent of missing, creating a thick smokescreen from the piece of ground he’s disturbing, impairing vision temporarily. If opponent’s move from where they stand, then they can very easily get hit.

Range: Short | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Quick Shot

Rain Storm

(Rank 15)

Aiming downward, Souji uses both his pistols and manages to fire bullets at rapid speeds towards a target, showering them with bullets. Each bullet does at much damage as a regular shot.

Range: Short | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Wild Shot


(Rank 20)

Much like Hail storm, he rapidly fires a multitude of projectiles at a target. However, unlike Hail Storm, Souji thrusts his fists forward with each shot, giving each bullet a sort of knock back to them, almost as if each bullet has the mass of a fist. While a single bullet from this technique would only push someone an inch or so at most, the amount of bullets being shot in a continuous stream are able to push the average person at least a few meters back.

Range: Mid | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Rain Storm


(Rank 30)

A concept which most people don’t even consider to be possible. By whipping his wrist and twisting his hand, just as the bullet leaves the barrel, Souji can cause the bullet to curve, allowing it to avoid obstacles that would otherwise be in the way. Against a defense that only covers one direction, this technique is guaranteed to go around it.

Range: Mid | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Wild Shot

Follow the Birdy

(Rank 45)

Taking the technique of a curved bullet, Souji takes the technique one step further by performing an onslaught of curved bullets coming at the enemy with both of his pistols. Because of the movement of the bullets and that they’re coming from a multitude, enemies may have a very hard time reacting to the attack.

Range: Mid | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Curve Ball

Sword Techniques

Blade Drive

(Rank 8)

Holding a Sword in his hand, Souji drives his arm towards the opponent, with the hope of stabbing them with the blade.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength


(Rank 16)

Extending his blade, Souji leaps forward towards an enemy, almost seeming to glide along the ground. The intent behind the move is to push straight through an enemy's guard. The force from the attack is great enough that if it’s somehow blocked, it can push the enemy back.

Range: Short | Stat: Speed | Branch From: Blade Drive


(Rank 8)

Souji swings his sword upwards towards an opponent's jaw. It goes without saying that if this technique connects, they'll probably have trouble speaking.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength


(Rank 15)

Taking a Samurai-esque stance, Souji quickly draws his blade, slashes upwards, then unsheathes it in one fluid motion. The force from the move, may cause a slight wind to form, knocking lighter objects away.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Rise


(Rank 20)

Taking a Samurai-esque stance, Souji quickly draws his blade, slashes upwards, then sheathes it in one fluid motion. The force behind the slash is enough to cut iron.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Slash


(Rank 30)

Taking a Samurai-esque stance, Souji draw his blade from its sheathe, slashing so fast, that it may be hard to even see the blade in some cases. Rest assured, after a few seconds the cut will appear on whatever was struck, as the target may have been bisected in two by a slash, that utilizes the full range of his arm.

Range: Melee | Stat: Speed | Branch From: Slash


(Rank 37)

Taking a Samurai-esque stance, Souji draw his blade from its sheathe, slashing so fast, that it may be hard to even see the blade in some cases. The slash itself is a large as as arm can move in the chosen direction, attempting to cut through whatever is in his way. This slash can cut through steel.

Range: Melee | Stat: Speed | Branch From: Surgery


(Rank 60)

Taking a Samurai-esque stance, Souji quickly draw his blade and slashes in one fluid motion. The slash itself moves with enough force to compress the air in front of it, causing a small scale explosive trail that follows immediately after the slash, burning anyone cut by it.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Surgery


(Rank 70)

A super speed slash, that moves fast enough to cause an aura of heat to surround the blade, burning them if they get slashed.. The groves on the blade are filled with jellyfish toxin from Souji’s own body, poisoning the target.

Range: Melee | Stat: Speed | Debuff: -29 Agility, -20 Stamina | Branch From: Cauterize


(Rank 70)

Taking his blade, Souji holds his blade with both hands and slashes in a clockwise like motion. A large spiral of compressed air, about the height of his body, erupts from the sword, bashing into and damaging whatever is within it’s path.

Range: Mid | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Cauterize


(Rank 70)

Taking a Samurai-esque stance, Souji quickly draw his blade and slashes in one fluid motion. The slash itself has enough power to superheat anything in it’s path. The slash itself can cut right through titanium.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Cauterize


(Rank 70)

An underwater slash, that is powerful enough to cut right through titanium. The slash itself works like the punch of a Mantis Shrimp, literally obliterating water vapor within the path of the blade. This causes an implosion to follow the path of the blade, causing heat and massive damage to occur on whatever was struck.

Range: Melee | Stat: Strength | Branch From: Cauterize



  • Souji's real name is Souji. M Taikutsushita, his father being Jack M. Taikutsushita.
  • Unknown to most people, Souji is actually far more proficient with a sword then his guns. Personal reasons aside, he think thinks it's far easier to just shoot someone than to get into a sword fight.
  • Souji's favorite type of music is jazz.
  • Souji wears clothing based on Noir style novels and stories that he enjoyed as a kid as well as being used to dressing in suits and ties for his previous job.
  • His personality takes aspects from Sasuke Uchiha, Soma Schicksal, Hal Wilkerson, Spike Spiegel, and various other characters.