Jose "the Swift" Del Bosque

Jose Del Bosque

Captain of the Sunshine Pirates, former First Mate of the Guerrilla Pirates. He is 5 foot 4 and weights 170 lbs. He is 34 years old. He is very hyper and talks very fast. He is very swift on his feet. He does everything fast. He is known as "the Swift". He always has a smile as he is very optimistic.

Jose uses two long knives as his weapons of choice.

STR 45 STA 35 AGI 60 PER 20

Ramon Juarez


First Mate and Navigator of the Sunshine Pirates. He is 6 foot 7 and weighs 230 lbs. He is a very tall man, but incredibly smart. He talks very eloquently. He is very much of a follower and is loyal to his authority. He looks innocent in a way, but he is very brutal in his methods. He has a dark undertone. He was once an assistant to a privateer for the Marines before causing a mutiny and killing the Captain. He fled to end up joining up with Jose Del Bosque as he started recruiting for his own crew.

Ramon uses martial arts, specifically MMA boxing.

STR 50 STA 35 AGI 30 PER 10

Severis "the Snake" Slytherall


Third Crew Mate and Spy of the Sunshine Pirates. He is 5 foot 11 and weighs 185 lbs. He is relatively tall, but nimble and quiet on his feet. He is like a snake. Nobody knows when he is coming, but he'll come and he'll get ya. He talks with a lisp and is very hot headed. Once he gets into a fight, all he thinks about is the fight. He isn't very strategic in his fighting. He is just good at sneaking up on people. He is incredibly pessimistic and very crazy. He doesn't think highly of many people and can be rather sadistic. He is also pretty desperate and doesn't give up easily.

Severis uses whips for his main weapons as well as his multiple pet snakes. Being a snake tamer, he has tamed them to attack on command. However, none of the snakes he owns are poisonous.

STR 40 STA 35 AGI 50 PER 35