Talon is a brutally strong Commodore. He stops at nothing for Absolute Justice.


Talon is a brutally violent man. Not much is known about him except is the most merciless of all Vice Admirals. He once slaughtered a whole town just for a single pirate.

As a marine, Talon is very well known in the East Blue for his belief in absolute justice. If there is anyone he believes to be a threat to public safety, he will take them out, no questions asked. And murder is well within his definition of 'taking them out.'

He demands nothing but absolute obedience from those who work under him and will accept nothing but what he has asked of them. He will assuredly punish his men for their failures and will not hesitate to give more physical ones.


Nothing is known of his past. But everything is known about his actions. For his belief in justice and despite his obvious misgivings, Talon is someone who no matter what, always gets results.

After a few mishaps and public displays, Talon has been seen in the East Blue as a monster and someone who the general public is quite afraid of, something that would prevent him from doing his job on a proper level. Due to public outcry, his rank was reduced from Vice-Admiral to Captain. Still, his pull within the marines has changed little, nor has his relationship with the Admiral that trained him.

Along with a few other marines, Talon is being sent to the North Blue to help deal with and fix the issues that the region is currently suffering from.

Combat Style

Talon's Style is brutal, going for powerful and heavy strikes meant to overwhelm and defeat his opponents with his power. He often carries an almost comically oversized spear, which he wields as easily as one would a rapier, Giving him enormous range in a fight. However, thanks to his Devil Fruit, not only can he rend an opponent's flesh with his bare hands, but he can cover his body with steel to better withstand an attack. Fighting Talon is like fighting a tank, and without the means to deal with him, running is the best option.


Strength ???
Stamina ???
Agility ???
Perception ???