The entire island of Yagshigiri is a wasteland according to most. The entire island is a desert, making living there almost impossible without living close enough to a source of trade. Gangs of bandits rove the island which is pretty easy for them as they stick mostly to small, secluded. Leaving them little resistance. As far as marine protection goes, there are no bases on the island. Even if one were to get the marines to come in would likely take them some time to assist, due to there probably unfamiliarity with the landscape.

The island it self is home to a pleathora of creatures, although most have gone relatively undocumented. There have been some sightings of massive worm like creatures, but there has never been any real proof.

Player History

Things to Note

  • There may be secrets hidden within the sand.
  • A wide expansive desert like island
  • Few towns, most with small populations, and none of them too important to mention
  • In between towns, raiders can be found in abundance.